Rope Access

Abseiling services to compliment the other methods of truck mount hire. All our rope access technicians are externally trained every 3 years and then assessed as being fully competent by an assessor from the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Only operatives with a current certificate from IRATA are used.

Palmer & Co have been an IRATA Full Member Operator company Since September 2013 and work to the IRATA International Code Of Practise. All rope access works are undertaken with an IRATA Level 3 Supervisor Technician on site at all times.

Our rope access teams are experienced in the access of previously inaccessible buildings, where previous access systems are out of commission, been removed or in combination with conventional access methods. Architects are now designing structures to incorporate Industrial Rope Access systems and the profession is fast becoming the method of choice for safety and access. The industry boasts an exemplary safety record and continues to grow.